10 Uses for Steel in Your Home

Steel is one of the most commonly used materials across a range of different applications, especially in the home. Without steel, many items in our homes and even our homes themselves wouldn’t be as sturdy as they are. In this blog, we have listed ten uses of steel in your home.

1. Storage

Steel is also used in home storage, for solutions such as steel cabinets and shelving units. Steel has the capacity to resist heavy weights and high temperatures and will also stay secure.

2. Cutlery & utensilsStainless Steel Utensils

As you are more than likely aware, the cutlery and utensils we use everyday are mainly manufactured from stainless steel. Stainless steel is an incredibly strong and hard standing material, which won’t rust or stain due to the mix of chromium and nickel, of which it’s made from. 

3. Transportation

On average, 50% of a car is made of steel. On most cars, the body, doors, engines, suspension and interiors consist largely of steel. This is because steel is a malleable material, which can be shaped into the forms needed to create parts such as the chassis and body panels. Steel can also be poured into moulds and cooled to create forms such as an engine block, and easily bonded together using welding.

4. Screws & Hinges

Many screws and hinges you’ll find around your home are made from steel. Stainless steel is an excellent choice, thanks to its extra resistance to rust and corrosion and its ability to withstand extreme high temperatures.

Steel Appliances5. Appliances

Most appliances in modern homes, such as refrigerators, televisions, sinks, ovens and so on are made of steel. A steel appliance won’t easily scratch during accidental collisions, and will resist stains and rust despite constant messy use.

Cleaning up is also a breeze with a stainless steel surface, as you can easily wipe up a spill or polish dull surfaces just using a clean rag.

Stainless steel is also non-porous, which means it resists lingering germs and bacteria better than food or plastic surfaces. This makes stainless steel appliances great for homes with children and animals.

6. Structure 

Structural steelwork makes up for around 70% of multi-storey building frames built throughout the United Kingdom. Steel is used in this environment, as it binds well to concrete, is strong and is reliably cost-effective. A structural steelwork frame can be erected in a matter of days rather than weeks, with a 20-40% reduction in construction time depending on the project’s scale. 

7. Radiators

Another place you’ll find steel in your home is in your radiators. Steel is an excellent conductor of heat, long-lasting and hard-wearing. A steel radiator will also cool down much slower, allowing for residual heat to remain throughout your home and heat your rooms for longer.

8. Decorations

Steel is also extremely popular in home decorating right now because of its ability to suit any style from luxurious to rustic and everything in-between. Uses can range from tabletops to accents, furniture and railings on stairs.

9. Water FeaturesSteel Water Features

Stainless steel has become the most popular material used for water feature designs, thanks to its suitability for both contemporary and classic gardens. It’s highly attractive, able to be polished to a high shine finish or brushed to create contrast and designer appeal and can be easily worked into shapes from strong, geometric lines to smooth, flowing curves. What’s more, a stainless steel water feature will capture the sun and reflect the sky, creating extra depth and space, whilst casting light into even the most shaded areas of your garden space.

10. Garden Features

You may not have thought of it, but steel can also make excellent containers and planters. They’ll be durable, withstand the elements and provide shine and catch the light. Steel planters and garden features are a great way to add unusual features, natural textures and hard-wearing planting solutions.


No matter what you need steel for, South West Steel Supplies can provide you with the perfect solution. Call us today on 01275 814178 to speak with a member of our specialist team.


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