Parallel Flange Channels

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Southwest Steel Supplies Ltd supplies a high-quality selection of parallel flange channels, also referred to as PFC or C sections, which boast a tremendous level of structural integrity and are available for commercial, industrial and domestic applications. Our parallel flange channels can be cut to measure and galvanised if required. Servicing the whole of the South West of England, we are the suppliers of parallel flange channels and will ensure a speedy delivery. If you would like to make an inquiry about our C channel range, contact our team today and receive a free quote.

PFC Sizes And Prices

Our mild steel channels here at South West Steel Supplies are pegged at competitive marketable prices, within the sizing designation of 100 x 50 x 10 to 430 x 100 x 64. You can take a look at our brochure for more information and get a free quote or contact one of our steel specialists for our c channel pricing and availability.

What Is A Parallel Flange Channel?

A Parallel Flange Channel, commonly referred to as a PFC or a C section, is a c shaped channel that offers a high level of durability and structural integrity, making them well-suited for structural supports in structural and civil engineering applications. These beams are known for their characteristic wide but consistently thick recess, usually oriented vertically, with two flanges bordering the recess to one side – forming a “C” shape, hence the name – and making them stronger than tapered channels. They are usually measured by width x depth X weight per metre and are used mainly in construction but selectively so; a quiddity of their special beam design is that the bending axis is independent of the width of the flanges.

Generally made from hot-rolled structural steel, parallel flanges channels are extremely versatile thanks to their cross-sectional shape which allows for enhanced weight-bearing capabilities and can be supplied in various sizes and weights per metre.

Common Uses

  • Floor joist support
  • Wall structures when bolted back to back
  • Roofing
  • Cavity walls

What Are Parallel Flange Channels Used For?

Parallel flange channels are used extensively in the construction industry for many purposes. One cannot discount their strength and durability in the construction of steel projects, in house building, vehicular assembly, and in roofing. They are hot rolled from structural steel, and this confers durability and longevity on the project in which they are used. Most of the time, they are usually used alongside RSJ steel beams, universal columns, I beams, and H beams. 

In house building, they can be used in the framing of windows and doors and in roofing. For windows and doors, they are used in the making of lintels to provide structural integrity and a comparatively lengthier life than timber. In heavy roofing designs, they are used as trusses. In flooring design, they are sometimes used in floor joists. They also can be used to support the walls of a building during construction because they have an excellent load-bearing profile. 

In larger vehicles, these steel forms can be used to support the heavier frame, such as rails and cross members. This aids in the seamless locomotion of the structure without space for wobbliness.

The South West’s Leading PFC Supplier

We are trusted and highly reputable steel suppliers servicing Bristol and the South West and can ensure that you receive only the highest-grade parallel flange channels for your project. As industry experts with years of experience, we are confident that we can provide you with a first-class service, whether that be through the quality of our steel products or our fast delivery time throughout the entire South West.

If you want to enquire about our parallel flange channels or any other of our products within our vast steel range, such as our quality galvanised sheet metal, get a free quote now or call our steel experts today.

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