Stainless Steel Square Hollow Section

steel and aluminium square hollows supplier South West UK

Stainless hollow sections are available in both square and rectangular sections. Stock bars are 7.5m and can be cut to specific lengths. Available in various sizes in both rectangular and square sections and a range of thicknesses. For prices and sizes available, give us a call or fill in a request a quote form.

Common Uses

  • Specialised Welding of Steel Frames
  • Columns
  • Often Utilised for Increased Aesthetics in Open Buildings


  • Deliveries to all over the South West
  • All Processing Carried Out for You
  • Finest Quality Materials

Stainless steel is a high strength, corrosion resistant material. This makes it perfect for outdoor projects due to the fact that it can resist the elements. It is extremely workable and therefore is a great application in the creation of square hollow sections. The high strength of stainless steel due to its alloy content allow this material to be a viable alternative to carbon steels. The aesthetic appeal of this material also allows these sections to be used in open building designs.

South West Steel offers a wide array of Stainless Steel products including sections, sheets and bars. If you are looking for these products and wish to see dimensions and prices then do not hesitate to contact us today for a free quotation.

Perfecting Every Little Edge

South West Steel strives to ensure every cut is perfect and suited to your specifications


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