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As the leading steel stockholders in the South West, South West Steel Suppliers are able to provide all customers with high-quality steel throughout Bath and surrounding areas. If are looking for steel suppliers in Bath, then you have come to the right place. When starting up a project or construction work, you’re always going to need some form of materials. This is where we come in, as we stock so many different types of steel and aluminium. We also offer all our materials in a variety of beams, channels, angles, flats, bars, sheets, and more – the list is endless! You can also find stock for pipework, tube clamps, opening flooring, and handrails. No matter what type of steel or processing you’re after, we can help provide you with the perfect materials to ensure your project goes smoothly. For more information on any of our steel stock or services, please call us today on 01275 814178.

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Steel Processing Services in Bath

Cutting: We have a variety of different bi-directional band saws which can cut many different types of steel such as beams and columns. This is great for when you need specific sizes and requirements as we can cut this to exact measurement for you. Cutting is also ideal for building work.

Shearing: The process of shearing involves cutting the steel without the use of burning or melting. This is most commonly used for sheet metal, plates, and rods as it is the easiest type to work with when it comes to shearing. Although, our shearing services are not limited to those products as we can also shear bars and many other types.

Folding: Using the latest machinery we can fold all kinds of steel to your requirements. This is ideal for non-standard angles and channels as we can ensure the material is workable and at the correct specification for you when the steel is ready to pick up. It involves applying the right amount of pressure in order to fold the steel at the correct point.

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Drilling: This process involves cutting out parts of the metal with a drill. This is most commonly done for mild steel and also ideal for those who are purchasing steel for a project that involves timber. A great service that allows you to drill exact holes or shapes into the steel.

Profiling: Using computerised profiling machines, we can provide you with excellent profiling services. With profiling, you will always be guaranteed accuracy, quality, and amazing flexibility for your steel materials. This includes mild steel and a variety of other types.

Punching: Using our Geka Hydracrop 55a and other tools, we are able to provide high-quality punching services. Similar to drilling we can create different holes and shapes in the material with the machine. It is one of the cheaper methods for completing this type of process on steel.

Plasma Cutting: At South West Steel Supplies, we have a variety of different high-quality tools to enable us to offer plasma cutting as an option for processing. Using hot plasma, we can cut through almost all materials and provide quick solutions to ensure your steel is to the exact measurements and shape you require.

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At South West Steel Supplies, we have a same-day (within office hours) quote service to ensure that all customers receive a quick response. We also offer deliveries throughout the South West which covers Bristol, Bath, Somerset, Wiltshire, Swindon, Gloucester, and all immediately surrounding areas. We ensure that you will always receive the finest materials, such as our RSJ Beam supply as our number one priority is the quality of our materials and customer satisfaction. If you have any questions regarding our Steel Supply Bath service please get in touch today on 01275 814178. One of our experienced team will be able to answer any queries you may have regarding our products or services.

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