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Here at Southwest Steel Supplies, we have been proudly providing an extensive range of high-quality steel supplies for commercial, industrial and domestic applications at highly competitive pricing for over twenty years to the people of Taunton. Products within our steel supply selection include the likes of mild steel products from universal beams to sheet metal and many more, all of which you can find here on our website. You can be confident in Southwest Steel Supplies providing the right solutions and services for all of your steel demands and needs and you will be happy to know that we are CE Certified Steel Stockholders and processors. 

To ensure that you get the very best from us, we offer merchandise manufactured from the finest materials. We now have delivery trucks operating through the entire South West each day so can deliver your materials, products, or equipment anywhere in Taunton and the entirety of the Southwest in a fast and reliable timescale. To enquire about our goods and services as the leading steel suppliers in Taunton, give us a call today on,  01275 814178, where you can chat with one of our friendly steel experts.

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Mild Steel Suppliers Taunton

If you’re searching for a material you can easily manipulate but is robust and compactable on its own, then making use of mild steel for your project is a perfect solution. It possesses a great low carbon content, making it easier for builders to weld it into various buildings. It’s also probably the most typical form of steel available; hence, the most suitable for all kinds of commercial and domestic building and construction applications. Its only weakness is that it is lacking in corrosion resistance but this is recompensed by its remarkably malleable, ductile, and tough features. You may also think about having them galvanised to shield them from the effects of oxidation. 

We strongly recommend that you get all your mild steel products and solutions from a reputable and trustworthy stockholder such as ourselves because we are one of the most dependable and professional mild steel providers in the whole of the South West and the United Kingdom and can provide you with the assurance that you will receive only the highest grade of mild steel products and services, such as hollow sections, angles, beams, columns and flats.

Request a quotation now and get your costs in a day. We make deliveries just about anywhere within the South West, providing you with the peace of mind to focus on other issues as part of your work.

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We Supply Mild Steel Sheet Metal In Taunton 

Our high-grade mild steel sheet metal can be used across a number of different sectors due to its ductility, weldability, machinability, magnetic properties and cost-effectiveness. It is highly versatile and has been used in a number of different industries, with the most common being, construction, garden maintenance, housing and automotive.

As the material has a low carbon content, this metal becomes very easy to manipulate and weld. It is also able to handle high impacts, is extremely strong yet still weldable and is resistant to corrosion with a coating to help protect it. If you would like to enquire about our mild steel sheet metal in Taunton, call us today on 01275 814178.

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What Are The Common Uses Of Sheet Metal?

Sheet metal is an extremely versatile material and can be used in a wide variety of domestic, commercial and industrial applications. It is regarded as one of the most important innovations in the engineering industry, due to its high levels of durability and its ability to be used in a huge range of applications. They are created by metal workers and can be cut into different shapes and sizes, making them completely customisable for a number of different projects.

Metal sheets can be made from a range of materials such as aluminium, stainless steel and mild steel. The right material for you will depend on what it will be used for. If you would like more information on our range of sheet metal available in Taunton, please get in touch where one of our steel experts will be more than happy to help. Please note that we only stock mild steel sheet metal.

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Universal Steel Beams Suppliers Taunton

Universal steel beams, or RSJ beams are foundational musts for any construction projects as they are used as the core trusses or main framework for buildings. Here at South West Steel Supplies, we are able to cut our universal beams to fit the specified measurements given to us for your project and we have universal beams readily available in various sizes and weights per metre. For reliable RSJ suppliers, get in touch.

Advantages Of Universal Beams

  • Various dimensions available 
  • Highly durable and able to withstand high loads and pressures
  • Very versatile which means they can be used in a number of different construction projects
  • Even weight distribution 
  • Cost-effective as steel beams have a good level of longevity and can be recycled, which can help to minimise construction costs.

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Image displaying a rage of RSJ beams

Why Choose South West Steel Supplies?

  • Same Day Quotation
  • Deliveries Across the South West
  • All Processing Carried out for you
  • Finest Materials
  • UKCA / CE Approved Steel Stockholders & Processing
  • Fast Clamp Stockists
  • Expert Team of Knowledgable Advisors
  • Domestic, Commercial & Industrial Applications

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