5 Reasons to Use Steel in Your 2021 Project

Starting a new project this year? Looking for resources and not sure which option to go with? Struggling to pick the best materials? You have come to the right place. At South West Steel Supplies we are passionate about steel due to the major benefits and use it offers to the majority of projects. You won’t find a better material than steel.

Continue reading to find out our top 5 reasons on why you should use steel in your next project!

Save on MoneySaving Money Project

The first thing you should consider for any project is cost-efficiency, especially if you are on a budget. Steel is commonly associated as one of the most cost-efficient materials to use, particularly in the construction industry.  For example, steel is a much cheaper alternative to concrete. The savings you make on your main materials mean you will be able to spend on other components further down the line.

More Environmentally Friendly

Steel is one of the only metals that is completely recyclable. No matter what steel you choose it is highly likely that at least a quarter of the material is recyclable – it is a great, environmentally-friendly choice. The steel is also not weakened or damaged whilst going through the recycling process so it can be used again and again through the years. Sustainability at its finest.

It Looks Great

There are various different types of steel you can use, however, one thing that they all share in common is the aesthetical value that this material adds to any structure. Some of the world’s best sights have incorporated steel in some way, such as the Eiffel Tower and Brooklyn Bridge, due to the natural beauty that steel has when used as part of a building structure.

Flexibility Steel Welding Bristol

The weldability and flexibility of steel mean it can be used for virtually anything. From high rise buildings or kitchen utilities, the possibilities for using steel are endless. Whether you are a DIYer or a construction company, steel fabrication is one of the many choices you have to consider.

Longlasting & Reliable

One of the most popular benefits of using steel is its strength and longevity. When steel is correctly processed it is very unlikely that it will get damaged or rot, making it a perfect option for those looking to use it for construction or as a base for the rest of their structure. Steel has a fantastic strength to weight ratio, making it vastly strong and much better than most other materials.

Purchase Your Steel Today

From architecture to transportation and buildings, steel is used all across the world, for many different purposes. As you can see, steel has so many positives and outweighs many of its material counterparts, making it a much more viable option for your project.


If you are looking for steel suppliers in the South West, call us on 01275 814178 and our friendly team will help you to order the perfect supplies for your project. We offer delivery and collection options for all customers to provide ease and quick solutions.


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