Builders Beams

At South West Steel Supplies we offer a range of processed steel, suitable for your very own building projects! From stainless steel to mild steel and bright steel, we can provide you with the perfect solution for each and every project. Particularly for builders and the building industry we can provide beams, columns, flats and…
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Steel Appliances

10 Uses for Steel in Your Home

Steel is one of the most commonly used materials across a range of different applications, especially in the home. Without steel, many items in our homes and even our homes themselves wouldn’t be as sturdy as they are. In this blog, we have listed ten uses of steel in your home. 1. Storage Steel is…
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Steel Welding Bristol

5 Reasons to Use Steel in Your 2021 Project

Starting a new project this year? Looking for resources and not sure which option to go with? Struggling to pick the best materials? You have come to the right place. At South West Steel Supplies we are passionate about steel due to the major benefits and use it offers to the majority of projects. You…
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New Beam Saw at South West Steel Supplies

We are proud to announce that recently we invested in a new beam saw at our premises in Portishead. The team were really excited about this new purchase and we are happy to let our customers know we will be using this new machine for many new orders and projects going forward. It has the…
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Why Should We Be Grateful for Steel?

Why We Should Be Grateful for Steel Steel is one of the globes most commonly used building and manufacturing materials. Without steel, we would not be able to construct buildings to be as sturdy or in shape as they are, to use and manufacture many of the vehicles that we use, eat with sturdy utensils…
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Quality over Quantity

How to Run a Successful Project – 5 Simple Tips

Are you planning to start a project this summer? Perhaps you are building that new garden shed you’ve always wanted or you’ve taken some form of construction into your own hands. Whether you are a decorator, steel manufacturer or a builder it is likely that you have been involved in a project of some sort.…
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steel plate manufacturer Bristol South West

The 7 Wonders of the Steel World

The history of steel goes all the way back to 1800 BC and possibly even further. The earliest discovery of steel came from ironware, from an archaeological site in Western Asia. Since the discovery of steel, we have also discovered the excellent properties and structure of steel itself, making it an excellent choice of material…
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Southwest Steel Trucks

Our New Trucks Have Arrived…

South West Steel Supplies Limited are pleased to announce that our three brand new trucks are here. One 26 tonne and two 18tonne trucks increases our capacity and range the we can carry..   Look forward to seeing them on the road.  
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South West Steel Supplies Ltd

Steel Supplies – Video

Steel and Aluminium Stockists – South West UK For more information on our mild steel stock For more information on our bright steel stock For more information on our stainless steel stock For more information on our aluminium stock
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