Builders Beams

At South West Steel Supplies we offer a range of processed steel, suitable for your very own building projects! From stainless steel to mild steel and bright steel, we can provide you with the perfect solution for each and every project.

Particularly for builders and the building industry we can provide beams, columns, flats and hollows. All of these can be delivered throughout the South West using our company trucks, at a convenient time for you and your site. Builders beams and steel products are essential for many structural purposes when it comes to building properties, both domestic and commerical, and we are here to help supply the goods to your team.

We pride ourselves on our quick and efficient service. You can expect then to receive a full quotation and lead times within a day of your enquiry, and we’ll do everything we can ensure our timescales match up with yours to prevent any delays within your project and set up. For more information on what we can do for your project, please call us on 01275 814178.




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