Renovation Projects That Require A Universal Beam

RSJ beams, or universal beams, are one of the most frequently used steel beams that are used in construction. This is down to the steel joists possessing the ability to bear extreme weight loads and are guaranteed to provide sound structural integrity. Unlike a traditional timber beam, an RSJ beam will not bend, warp or rot. What’s more, is that when an RSJ beam is used, this type of structural beam requires fewer additional supports, so makes it perfect for open plan renovation projects.

Why You Need A Universal Beam

When any property is constructed, there will be load-bearing and non-load-bearing walls applied to the structure. There is however a difference between these types of walls, where a load-bearing wall’s purpose is to provide structural support for the weight of the entire building, whilst the non-load-building walls are simply created in order to create separate rooms.

So when do you need a universal beam? You will need to insert a universal/rsj beam if you are carrying out any type of home renovation where you will be removing a load-bearing wall. This is because an RSJ beam will provide the structural integrity needed to keep the structure of your house safe.

Open Plan Living Space Renovation

For those who are looking to achieve an open plan living space in their property, you will undoubtedly have to remove one or two walls to achieve your desired space. This type of home renovation will most certainly warrant the use of an RSJ beam when removing a load-bearing wall. This type of renovation will require an experienced tradesman who is experienced with carrying out these types of home renovations and have frequent use with fitting RSJ beams.

If you are taking on an open-plan renovation project and require an RSJ steel beam, you can contact us today where we can advise you and share with you our knowledge regarding sizes and also prices. All the necessary information you will be able to find over at our RSJ beams page


House Extension Renovation

Having a new extension added to your property, whether that be a side extension, single story or double story, or a back-of-the-house extension, as we have mentioned, if any of the load-bearing walls need to be removed, then you will require an RSJ beam. When looking into these types of house extension projects, you will need to first seek permitted planning permission and to make sure that the extension will meet building regulations. Hiring an architect is also a wise choice to draw up the designs and also a structural engineer who can advise the best solutions on the extension. 

As we have stated, any home renovation you are looking to invest in and if you will need a RSJ beam for the project, then get in touch with our team today. We can talk you through the sizes that you will require, or consult with the builders who are carrying out the renovation work and will be able to cut and shot blast your RSJ beam. Call us now on 01275288165 to find out more about our services.


Do RSJ need to be painted?

Yes, we recommend painting Rolled Steel Joists used in construction. This painting step should not be overlooked. It is vital to enable your steel joists to be protected from corrosion and ensure its long term durability.

What is a beam in a house?

Beams are important for supporting weight. A beam is a horizontal element in a structure that carries the load of a building and dissipates it to the vertical supports, like walls or columns. If they are unable to support, then the whole structure is at risk of falling, sagging or even collapse.

What is the difference between an RSJ Beam and an I Beam?

The main difference between an RSK and I Beam is the name. In fact, these are two names for the same item.

How much are steel beams for houses?

The cost of a steel beam depends on factors like:

  • Size of beam
  • Types of metal used
  • Specific project requirements

We recommend consulting with us to get an accurate price estimate for your project. If you are unsure of the specs you need, then speak with a trusted structural engineer.


Speak to an Expert about RSJ Beams

If you’re planning a home renovation and need an RSJ beam, contact us today. We can assist with sizing and offer shot blasting services. Call us at 01275288165 to learn more about our offerings.


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