When To Use Walkway Mesh For Your Business Premises


Walkway mesh, or open flooring panel, is a highly versatile and reliable flooring surface which offers great practicality to prevent hazards from occurring in industrial settings, such as factories, ships and offshore rigs and labs. Not limited to just health and safety practicality, walkway mesh is an ideal solution for many different purposes for a number of commercial premises which we will discuss in this helpful article.

Health and safety walkway mesh with black and yellow hazard arrrows

Anti-Slip Flooring Solutions In Hazardous Environments


As we have mentioned in the opening of our article, hazardous working environments such as factories, ships and offshore rigs and labs where spillages are much more prone to occur can present a higher risk for injuries at work through slips. This is why walkway mesh is the recommended steel flooring choice for these types of settings as walkway mesh contains a great level of anti-slip properties and has been routinely tested by the HSE (Health and Safety Executive).


The antislip properties are down to the design of the walkway mesh where the cleats embedded within the metal offer the desired level of antislip performance. Where there are multiple levels of access within one of these hazardous settings where workers have to frequently walk around the premises to different levels and locations, it is essential to incorporate walkway mesh as your flooring surface for raised levels.

To Achieve Better Visibility And Air Circulation


For industrial facilities where visibility and air circulation can be hampered, then upgrading your floor surface to walkway mesh will help to improve the visibility between different levels and also the air circulation. If your staircases and flooring contain solid platforms, then the amount of light and visibility within the facility will be restricted which presents a health risk if an injury was to occur. You can easily eliminate this issue with the open-gapped flooring design that comes with reliable walkway mesh.


The gaps within the walkway mesh also benefit air circulation from HVAC systems within the industrial setting as the air generated by these systems can flow easily and freely between the gaps. This is not only good for HSE standards, but it can also help to improve employee production and well-being. 

Steel walkway mesh in industrial facility

As A Solution To Prevent Corrosion And Rust From occurring


Lab facilities and other industrial settings will be handling chemicals on a daily basis which can cause corrosion, discolouration and weakening of standard flooring, which will not only rescue the visual appearance of a facility but can lead to health and safety hazards, such as slips which we have discussed. If chemicals are to spill and build up in one area and are not cleaned up quickly enough, corrosion and damage are much more likely to occur.


Stainless steel is one of the best steels to use for walkway mesh due to its anti-corrosion properties, but other metals such as mild steel can be galvanised to form a galvanised walkway mesh to offer greater levels of corrosion resistance, along with other steel materials such as anodised aluminium.


If you would like to learn more about walkway mesh and the quality walkway mesh products that we supply here at South West Steel Supplies then get in touch with our expert team today. We ship our quality walkway mesh products throughout the South West of England within rapid timescales.


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